Finally, after 9 years, it's reality! See below for details...
This is a genuine factory-pressed Audio CD (manufactured by CSM in Vienna) with detailed liner notes (in German - after all I have been living in Austria for as long as I can remember ;-D) featuring the following pieces (on track 1, in addition to the Theremin, I play the Fender Rhodes and piano as well, track 5 is a live recording, and tracks 5/6 are collaborations with C.C. Tschinkel):
1. Brazil [6:41]
2. Gezeiten [11:41]
3. Intersphäre [3:51]
4. Geburtstage [6:52]
5. Zeitlosozean* [5:12]
6. Aufbruchsmarsch [8:17]
I offer this CD album for 10 Euros plus shipping (depending on location); when intrigued please contact me here**...
* Live-Recording      ** Yes, I'm living kind of a wound-down life, so please be patient and bear with me...