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Martinland - Radio Show Archive - 2002

Show # 37
Dec 29 02

Topics Martinland Revue
Music Blue Velvet - Love LettersKetty Lester /
Victor Young
 Flexable - Little Green MenSteve Vai
 Brazil - "Brazil"Kate Bush / Michael Kamen
 The Fury - For GillianLondon Symphony Orchestra,
John Williams
 North by Northwest - Conversation PieceBernard Herrmann
 Passion - Of These, HopePeter Gabriel
 Die 2JRHAFEM-Kollektion - Hels110?
 Secret of the Monkey IslandMichael Land
 BrazilDjango Reinhardt / Harry Barrosso
 Back to the Future - Doc ReturnsAlan Silvestri
 Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo - L'Estasi Dell'OroEnnio Morricone
 China - The Long MarchVangelis
 The Planets - NeptuneJohn Williams, Boston Pops /
Gustav Holst
 Call Me - New OrleansHans Theessink
 Rambo, First Blood Part II - Main TitleJerry Goldsmith, NPO
 U-Turn - It's A Good DayPeggy Lee
 Spike Jones Murders Them All
- Hawaiian War Chant
Spike Jones and His City Slickers
 Conan the Barbarian - WifeingRadio Symphony of Rome,
Basil Poledouris
 The Planets - JupiterJohn Williams, Boston Pops /
Gustav Holst

Show # 36
Dec 15 02

Topics Conan the Librarian!
Über Figur, Film, Musik, Parodie und mit Gast...
Music Conan the Barbarian
- Prologue / Anvil of Crom
- Theology / Civilization
- Atlantean Sword
- Wheel of Pain
- Wifeing
- The Kitchen / The Orgy
- Orphans / Awakening
Radio Symphony of Rome,
Basil Poledouris

Show # 35
Dec 01 02

Topics Honolulu?
Text Excerpts Über die......Steel-Drums
Music Spike Jones Murders Them All
- Hawaiian War Chant
Spike Jones and His City Slickers
 Diamond Head - Diamond Head
- Diamond Head Theme
- Hawaiian Welcome
Hugo Winterhalter,
John Williams
 Ivory and Steel - Linstead MarketMonty Alexander
 Cobilimbo - Caribea
- Cobilimbo
- Out of Many People, One
Monty Alexander

Show # 34
Nov 17 02

Topics Aktionsmusik-Attacke II
Text Excerpts Liner NotesTotal Recall - The Deluxe Edition
Music Total Recall - The Dream
- The Space Station
- First Meeting
- Clever Girl
- The Hollowgram
Jerry Goldsmith, NPO
 Conan, The Barbarian
- Anvil of Crom
Basil Poledouris, Orchestra of Santa Cecilia,
Radio Symphony of Rome
 Rambo, First Blood Part II
- Main Title
- Village Raid/Helicopter Flight
Jerry Goldsmith, NPO
 LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring
- A Journey in the Dark
- The Bridge of Khazad Dum
- Amon Hen
Howard Shore

Show # 33
Nov 03 02

Topics Road Movies
Music U-Turn - It's A Good DayPeggy Lee
 Paris, Texas - Paris, Texas
- She's Leaving The Bank
Ry Cooder
 The Hot Spot - Bank Robbery
- Moanin'
Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker
 U-Turn - Old Family Souvenirs
- Grace (Reprise)
Ennio Morricone
 Bernard Hermann The Film Scores
- Psycho Prelude
Los Angeles Philharmonic, Esa-Pekka Salonen /
Bernard Herrmann
 Thelma & Louise
- Better Not Look Down
B.B. King

Show # 32
Oct 20 02

Topics Aktionsmusik-Attacke (Attack of the Action Cues)
Text Excerpts The Bride of Frankenstein
- Liner Notes
Richard H. Bush
Music Back to the Future - The Lybians
- The Clock Tower I
- The Clock Tower II
Alan Silvestri
 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
- First Adventure I
- First Adventure II
- First Adventure III
John Williams
 The Bride of Frankenstein
- The Creation
Westminster Philharmonic &
Kenneth Alwyn / Franz Waxman

Show # 31
Oct 06 02

Topics "Der erste Gast!":
Auf bluesigen Reisen in New Orleans...,
Filmmusik oder Anderes im Zwiegespräch Erforschbares!
Music Call Me - New OrleansHans Theessink
 Bootlegs from South America
- Dope Smokin' Blues
- Braille Blues Daddy
- When A Guitar Plays The Blues
Bryan Lee
 With Feeling - Baker StreetGary Brown / Gerry Rafferty
 Doreen's Jazz Jackson Square Jam - JambalayaDoreen's Jazz / Hank Williams
 The Great Escape - Main TitleElmer Bernstein

Show # 30
Sep 22 02

Topics Leben - Sehnsucht - Romantisierte Hoffnung:
Biographie von Taniyama / Musik von Schreker, Schönberg und Holst
Text Excerpts Der letzte Brief d. Yutaka T.Michael Köhlmeier, Die Presse
Music NachtstückRSO Berlin, K.A. Rickenbacher / Franz Schreker
 Verklärte NachtBerliner Philharmoniker, H. von Karajan /
Arnold Schönberg
 The Planets - NeptuneJohn Williams, Boston Pops / Gustav Holst

Show # 29
Aug 25 02

Topics Martinland goes Haiku
Book Excerpts Japanische DreizeilerJan Ulenbrook - Reclam, Stuttgart
 Gödel, Escher, BachDouglas R. Hofstadter - Klett-Cotta, Stuttgart
Music Sing - Welcome to JapanCurt Cress, Falco
 China - Chung Kuo
- The Long March
- Himalaya
- The Dragon
 Tora! Tora! Tora! - Main TitleJerry Goldsmith
 Sing - Welcome to JapanCurt Cress, Falco

Show # 28
Aug 11 02

Topics Die Italo-Western-Titel-Generator-Show II
Internet Excerpts Der Italo-Western-Titel-Generator
Music The Magnificent Seven
- Main Titles & Calvera's Visit
The Phoenix Symphony, James Sedares /
Elmer Bernstein
 Il Mio Nome E' Nessuno
- Con I Migliori Auguri
- Il Mio Nome E' Nessuno
Ennio Morricone
 The Magnificent Seven
- The Journey
The Phoenix Symphony, James Sedares /
Elmer Bernstein
 The Big Country - Main TitleThe City of Prague Philharmonic,
Nic Raine / Jerome Moross
 The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
- The Ecstasy Of Gold
Ennio Morricone
 The Big Country
- The Duel / End Titles
The Philharmonia Orchestra,
Tony Bremner / Jerome Moross

Show # 27
Jul 28 02

Topics "Casino"-Show IV [Schublade John Williams]
Book Excerpts Filmmusik:
Die großen Filmkomponisten -
ihre Kunst und ihre Technik
Tony Thomas,
München, 1995
Music Earthquake - City ThemeJohn Williams
 Return of the Jedi - Han Solo ReturnsLondon Symphony Orchestra,
John Williams
 Far and Away -
The Fighting Donellys
John Williams
 Saving Private Ryan -
Hymn to the Fallen
John Williams
 Fiddler on the Roof -
Do You Love Me?
Jerry Bock,
Arrangement: J.W.
 Superman The Movie - Flying to LoisRoyal Scottish National Orchestra,
John Debney, John Williams
 Raiders of the Lost Ark -
The Well of the Souls
London Symphony Orchestra,
John Williams
 Superman The Movie - Leaving HomeLondon Symphony Orchestra,
John Williams
 Star Wars - Main TitleLondon Symphony Orchestra,
John Williams

Show # 26
Jul 14 02

Topics Die Italo-Western-Titel-Generator-Show!
Internet Excerpts Der Italo-Western-Titel-Generator
Music Il Grande Silenzio - ViaggioEnnio Morricone
 Triology - A Fistful of DollarsTriology / Ennio Morricone
 Il Mio Nome E' Nessuno
- Buona Fortuna Jack
Ennio Morricone
 You Can't Keep
A Good Cowboy Down
- Once Upon A Time in the West
Jens Thomas / Ennio Morricone
 Guns for San Sebastian - OvertureEnnio Morricone
 Giu' La Testa!
- Marcia Degli Accattoni
Ennio Morricone

Show # 25
Jun 30 02

Topics "Casino"-Show III
[Martinland fröhnt immer noch dem akustischen Glücksspiel: Schublade Jazz]
Book Excerpts Dunkel war's, der Mond schien helleR. S. Berner, E. Jacoby
Gerstenberg Verlag, Hildesheim, 1999
Music East River Drive - I'm Home AfricaStanley Clarke
 The Nat King Cole Story
- It's Only A Paper Moon
Nat King Cole
 Pink Inc. - Private PlacesAlex Deutsch & Co.
 The Duke Ellington Song Book
- Love You Madly
Monty Alexander
 Sketches on Star Wars
- Jabba the Blues
Trotter Trio
 Crazy Moon - HomecookingHans Theessink
 Hearsay - MirageDavid Sanborn
 Heavy Weather - Teen TownWeather Report
 The Nat King Cole Story
- Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
Nat King Cole
 Three Originals - Now Is The TimeMonty Alexander

Show # 24
Jun 16 02

Topics "Casino"-Show II [Martinland fröhnt dem akustischen Glücksspiel]
Music Outland - Hot WaterJerry Goldsmith
 U-Turn - A Banjo in the DesertEnnio Morricone
 Regarding Henry - Central Park, 6PMHans Zimmer
 Marnie - The StrangerBernard Herrmann
 Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire - Beggar's Canyon ChaseJoel McNeely
 Out of Africa - Flying Over AfricaJohn Barry
 Poltergeist - Carol Anne's Theme (End Title)Jerry Goldsmith
 North by Northwest - The AirplaneBernard Herrmann
 Vertigo Suite - I. PreludeBernard Herrmann
 Stargate - Slave RebellionDavid Arnold
 Back to the Future - Doc ReturnsAlan Silvestri
 On the Beach - Through the DarknessChristopher Gordon
 Hamlet - "Sweets to the sweet - farewell"Patrick Doyle

Show # 23
Jun 02 02

Topics "Casino"-Show I [Martinland fröhnt dem akustischen Glücksspiel]
Music The Wall - MotherPink Floyd
 Until the End of the WorldU2
 Die 2JRHAFEM-Kollektion - Hels013
 Spike Jones Murders Again - Old MacDonald Had A FarmSpike Jones
 Human Racing - I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On MeNik Kershaw
 Until the End of the WorldNick Kave
 Spontaneous Inventions - I Hear MusicBobby McFerrin
 Don't Explain - Not A WordRobert Palmer
 Since I Left You - Summer CraneThe Avalanches
 Hair - ManchesterGalt MacDermot
 The Soul Cages - When The Angles FallSting

Show # 22
May 19 02

Topics Django R. & Co!
Text Excerpts Django Reinhardt: Echoes of France
- Liner Notes
Claude Carrière
Music BrazilHarry Barrosso /
Django Reinhardt
 Sweet and Lowdown - Limehouse BluesFurber & Braham / Howard Alden
 Tea for Two - Limehouse BluesFurber & Braham /
Y. Menuhin & S. Grappelli
 Echoes of France - Limehouse Blues
- St. Louis Blues
- Ol' Man River
- Daphné
- Viper's Dream
- In A Sentimental Mood
- Oriental Shuffle
- Nuages
- Echoes of France (La Marseillaise)
Django Reinhardt

Show # 21
May 05 02

Topics Musik im Spiel
Book Excerpts Wir waren Space InvadersMathias Mertens, Tobias O. Meißner
Verlag Eichborn, Frankfurt a.M., 2002
Music Space Invaders DX -
Attack Wave #1
 Out Run - Magical Sound Shower
- High Score
 EliteDavid Dunn & Aidan Bell
 Rambo First Blood Part IIMartin Galway
 Secret of the Monkey IslandMichael Land
 Secret of the Monkey Island IIMichael Land
 The Incredible Machine II
- Grunge
- Techno Rave
- Hip Hop
Chris Stevens
 Flowerguy's Pool PartyVirt
 Riven - FissureRobyn Miller
 Star Wars Episode I Racer
- Duel of the Fates Instrumental
John Williams,
London Symphony Orchestra

Show # 20
Apr 21 02

Topics die-2-jahre-radio-helsinki-aiwa-fm-elektronische-musik-kollektion!
Text Excerpts CD Liner NotesDie 2JRHAFEM-Kollektion,
Martin Schemitsch
Music Die 2JRHAFEM-Kollektion: Hels001

Show # 19
Apr 07 02

Topics "Metrik & Rhythmus"
Text Excerpts § 2 MetrumDer musikalische Satz,
Walter Salmen / Norbert Schneider
Music The Best of The Art of Noise
- Moments in Love
The Art of Noise
 Bolero - BoleroBoston Symphony Orchestra, Seiji Osawa /
Maurice Ravel
 Pink Inc. - What the FunkAlex Deutsch, George Garzone,
Jamaaladeen Tacuma
 10 Summoner's Tales - 7 DaysSting
 The Ghost and the Darkness
- Theme
Jerry Goldsmith
 Passion - Of These, HopePeter Gabriel

Show # 18
Mar 24 02

Topics "Love Themes at the Movies II" ongoing discussion among film music followers...
Text Excerpts "Most Beautiful Love Theme?"Newsgroup:
Music Spartacus
- Varinia in Crassus' House
Alex North
 The Empire Strikes Back
- Han Solo and the Princess
National Philharmonic,
Charles Gerhardt / John Williams
 Marnie - Love SceneBernard Herrmann
 Vertigo - Scene D'AmourBernard Herrmann
 Out of Africa
- Flying Over Africa
John Barry
 The Accidental Tourist
- A New Beginning
John Williams
 Blade Runner
- Love Theme
 The Legend of 1900
- Playing Love
Ennio Morricone
 Raiders of the Lost Ark
- Marion's Theme
London Symphony,
John Williams
- After the Fight / By the River
Franx Waxmann

Show # 17
Mar 10 02

Topics "Love Themes at the Movies" ongoing discussion among film music followers...
Text Excerpts "Most Beautiful Love Theme?"Newsgroup:
Music Cinema Paradiso
- Love Theme for Nata
Unione Musicisti of Rome,
Ennio Morricone
 The Wind and the Lion
- I Remember
Jerry Goldsmith
 Cleopatra - Main Title
- Antony and Cleopatra's Love
Alex North
 The Sea Hawk - ReunionUtah Symphony, Varujan Kojian /
E.W. Korngold
- Love Theme from Superman
London Symphony Orchestra,
John Williams
 North by Northwest
- Conversation Piece
Bernard Herrmann
 Star Trek: TMP - Ilia's ThemeJerry Goldsmith
 Return of the Jedi
- Luke and Leia's Theme
Utah Symphony, Varujan Kojian /
John Williams

Show # 16
Feb 24 02

Topics Happy 70th Birthday, Maestro Williams!
Text Excerpts FilmmusikTony Thomas, Heyne Filmbibliothek
 The Towering Inferno
- Liner Notes
Kevin Mulhall
 Dracula - Liner NotesJeff Bond
Interview Excerpts Star Wars I: Radio InterviewJohn Williams,
Universal Studios
Music The Sound of Glory
- Olympic Fanfare & Theme
Boston Pops Orchestra,
John Williams
 The Sound of Glory
- Summon the Heroes
Boston Pops Orchestra,
John Williams
 The Towering Inferno
- Main Title
John Williams
 Jane Eyre
- Overture / Main Title
- Carriage Ride to Thornfield
John Williams
 Dracula - To ScarboroughLondon Symphony Orchestra,
John Williams
 The Fury - For GillianLondon Symphony Orchestra,
John Williams
 Stanley & Iris - Stanley's InventionJohn Williams
 Star Wars Episode I
- Duel of the Fates
London Symphony Orchestra,
John Williams
 Call of the Champions
- Song for World Peace
Recording Arts Orchestra of L.A.,
John Williams

Show # 15
Feb 10 02

Topics "Brazil": The Song, The Film, The Mood, The World, The State of Mind?
Text Excerpts Songtext zu "Brazil"Liner Notes "Brazil"
 Terry Gilliam on BrazilLiner Notes "Brazil"
 Hintergrundartikel "Brazil"Stefan Lux, Lexikon des Internationalen Films
Interview Excerpts About the ScoreMichael Kamen,
Brazil - Criterion Collection DVD
 About the Idea to the FilmTerry Gilliam,
Brazil - Criterion Collection DVD
Music Brazil???, Original Brazil Documentary
 BrazilDjango Reinhardt
 Brazil - BrazilGeoff Muldaur
 BrazilMaynard / Ferguson
- Sam Lowry's First Dream/"Brazil"
Kate Bush / Michael Kamen
 BrazilAtkins / Les Pauls
- Central Services / The Office
Michael Kamen
 Brazil - Escape! No Escape!
- Bachianos Brazil Samba
Michael Kamen
... plus a tip to the hat for the original song "Aquarella Dos Brasil" by Harry Barrosso!

Show # 14
Jan 27 02

Topics Freies Assoziieren anhand des Martinland-relevanten Themas "Lara"
Text Excerpts Tara's ThemeLiner Notes "Cinema Serenade 2"
 About "Flexable"Steve Vai
Music Dr. Zhivago - Lara's ThemeMaurice Jarre
 Cinema Serenade 2 - Tara's ThemeMax Steiner
 Close Encounters of the Third Kind
- Resolution & End Titles
John Williams
 Flexable - Little Green Men
- Lovers are Crazy
Steve Vai
 Seal - CrazySeal
 Drama - Machine MessiahYes

Show # 13
Jan 13 02

Topics The Aural World of David Lynch and Some More...
Text / Movie Excerpts David Lynch BiographyEraserhead DVD
 "mulholland drive"- ein textfragmentMartinland
 Mulholland Drive ReviewHeimo Sver
 Eraserhead: - Opening Chapter - SeductionDavid Lynch
Music Blue Velvet: - Main Title - Love Letters - FrankAngelo Badalamenti, ?
 Twin Peaks - Dance of the Dream ManAngelo Badalamenti
 Lost Highway
- Something Wicked This Way Comes
Barry Adamson
 Lost Highway - PoliceAngelo Badalamenti

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