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Martinland - Radio Show Archive - 2003

Show # 59
Dec 28 03

Topics Bernard Herrmann
Book Excerpts Herrmann: Welles Raises Kane - BookletChristopher Palmer
 A Heart at Fire's CenterSteven C. Smith,
University of California Press
Music Psycho - PreludeBernard Herrmann, NPO
 Welles Raises KaneBernard Herrmann, LPO
 The Ghost and Mrs. Muir - The Sea
- Poetry
- Romance/Love
- The Late Sea
Bernard Herrmann, Fox Studio
 The Fantasy Film Word of B.H.
- The Day the Earth Stood Still
Bernard Herrmann, NPO

Show # 58
Dec 14 03

Topics Beaujolais
Web Excerpts
Music Swordfishtrombones
- Just Another Sucker on the Vine
Tom Waits
 Voodoo - Don't Drive DrunkThe Dirty Dozen Brass Band
 Stereotomy - BeaujolaisAlan Parsons Project
 Spike Jones Murders Again
- Clink, Clink, Another Drink
Spike Jones and his City Slickers
 Dean Martin Greatest Hits
- Little Ole Wine Drinker Me
Dean Martin
 On the Vibe - Drunk on SomethingDuboniks

Show # 57
Nov 30 03

Topics A Tribute to Michael Kamen
Book Excerpts Film Music Good CD GuideM. Walker - Gramophone, Harrow
 Listening to MoviesF. Karlin - Schirmer Books, New York
Interview Excerpts "Brazil" DVD #2Criterion Collection #51
Music Don Juan DeMarco - Dona AnaMichael Kamen/Adams/Lange
 The Dead Zone - Lost LoveMichael Kamen
 Brazil - Sam Lowry's First Dream/
Michael Kamen/Barrosso/Bush
 Brazil - Central Services/The OfficeMichael Kamen/Barrosso
 Brazil - Waiting for Daddy/
Sam Lowry's Wetter Dream/
"The Monoliths Erupt"
Michael Kamen/Barrosso
 Brazil - Escape! No Escape!Michael Kamen/Barrosso
 Die Hard - The TerroristsMichael Kamen/Beethoven
 Event Horizon
- The Forward Decks
Michael Kamen/Orbital

Show # 56
Nov 16 03

Topics "Club 544"
Music With Feelings - Walking to New OrleansGary Brown
 With Feelings - Baker StreetGary Brown
 With Feelings - Purple RainGary Brown, Prince
 With Feelings - Nocturnal WomanGary Brown
 Heat Seeking Missile - PainBryan Lee
 Bryan Lee's Bootlegs from South America
- When a Guitar Plays the Blues
Bryan Lee
 Heat Seeking Missile - Dope Smokin' BluesBryan Lee
 Bryan Lee's Bootlegs from South America - Braille Blues DaddyBryan Lee
 Heat Seeking Missile - Blind Man BoogieBryan Lee
 Heat Seeking Missile - Smokin' WomanBryan Lee
 Crawlfish Lady - Crawlfish LadyBryan Lee
 Crawlfish Lady - Noize with the BoyzBryan Lee

Show # 55
Nov 02 03

Topics ...Morricone Relaxation...
Music Ennio Morricone With Love - Questa Specie D'AmoreEnnio Morricone
 Ennio Morricone With Love - D'Amore Si MuoreEnnio Morricone
 Triology Plays Ennio Morricone - For Love One Can DieEnnio Morricone / Triology
 Ennio Morricone With Love - Cuore Di MammaEnnio Morricone
 Ennio Morricone With Love - L'AlibiEnnio Morricone
 Morricone A Go! Go! - Carillon EroticoEnnio Morricone
 Ennio Morricone With Love - La CaliffaEnnio Morricone
 Ennio Morricone With Love - MaddalenaEnnio Morricone
 Ennio Morricone With Love - Gli IntoccabiliEnnio Morricone
 Ennio Morricone With Love - Le RuffianEnnio Morricone
 More Mondo Morricone - Un BacioEnnio Morricone
 Morricone A Go! Go! - Bianco Rosso E VerdoneEnnio Morricone

Show # 54
Oct 19 03

Topics Martin & Peter present: "Gleich-Gewicht"
Music Hänsel und Gretel - Waldmorgen vor dem KnusperhausHumperdinck
 Ammonia Avenue - Ammonia AvenueAlan Parsons Project
 The Phantom Menace - Duel of the FatesJohn Williams
 wir san auf kana kinderjausn - nua zuaalkbottle
 Children - Tower of StrengthThe Mission

Show # 53
Oct 05 03

Topics "Martinlandausgabennummermystik #1"
Music Windows in the Jungle - 24 Hours10CC
 Upfront - Ramblin'David Sanborn
 Shadows of the Empire - Imperial CityRSNO, Joel McNeely
 Night Clubbing - Just My ImaginationPrince
 Defunkt - Make Them DanceDefunkt

Show # 52
Sep 21 03

Topics Martin & Peter present: "B.A.C.H. II - Bach goes C64"
Music Prelude No.2 in C minor (BWV 847)"Space Harrier", Mark Cooksey
 Prelude No. 1 (BWV 846)"Law of the West", Ed Bogas
 Prelude No. 1 (BWV 846)"Memomania", A. Wieczorek
 Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (BWV 565)"Gyruss", ?
 Badinerie from Orchestral Suite No.2"Bomb Jack", Mark Cooksey
 Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3 (BWV 1068)"NWCUG_Demo_2", Fil
 Brandenburg Concert No. 3 G major BWV 1048"Valentino", ?
 Two-Part Invention No. 14, B Flat Major (BWV 785)"Slamball", Stephen C. Biggs
 Musette"Fungus", Karl Hörnell
 Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (BWV 565)"Toccata", Richard Rinn
 Two Part Invention #13"Bach", Balázs Farkas
 Two Part Invention #13"Master_Sample", ?
 Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (BWV 565)"Toccata", Dwayne Bakewell
 Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Cantata, BWV 147)"Skier", ?
 Main Title"Space Harrier", Mark Cooksey
 Brandenburg Concert No. 3 G major BWV 1048"Brandenburg", ?
 Inventionen 1"Jet_Set_Willy", G. Neophytou
 Musette"Fungus", Karl Hörnell
 Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3 (BWV 1068)"Magnetron", Steve Turner
 Aria from Peasant Cantata, BWV 212"Jordgubbar...", D. Fahlander
 Fugue in G Minor"Fugue_in_g-minor", A. Dunkels
 Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (BWV 565)"Toccata", Dwayne Bakewell
... download the C64 music files, the playlist, and the Winamp-Plugin HERE ...

Show # 51
Aug 24 03

Topics Martin & Peter present: "B.A.C.H. I"
Music BourréeJethro Tull, J.S.Bach
 Präludium # 2 in C-Moll BWV 847Keith Jarrett, J.S.Bach
 Präludium # 2 in C-Moll BWV 847Walter Karlos, J.S.Bach
 Goldberg Variationen Aria BWV 988Ekaterina Dershavina, J.S.Bach
 Goldberg Variationen Aria BWV 988Jacques Loussier, J.S.Bach
 Orchester-Suite #2 in H-Moll BWV 1067 BadinerieRSO Berlin, J.S.Bach
 Orchester-Suite #2 in H-Moll BWV 1067 BadinerieNokia, Peter, J.S.Bach
 Orchester-Suite #2 in H-Moll BWV 1067 BadinerieJacques Loussier, J.S.Bach
 Toccata und Fuge in D-Moll BWV 565Sky, J.S.Bach
 Toccata und Fuge in D-Moll BWV 565?, C64, J.S.Bach
 Space Harrier - Preludium #2 in C-Moll BWV 847Mark Cooksey, C64, J.S.Bach
 Hey JudeFrancois Glorieux [Bach], Beatles

Show # 50
Aug 10 03

Topics "creatures of the night" - nachtmenschenmusik
Music The Police LIVE! - Bring On The NightThe Police
 Blade Runner [Gongo Release] - Blade Runner BluesVangelis
 New York Voices - Round MidnightThe New York Voices,
Thelonius Monk
 Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Night SiegeJohn Williams
 Gershwin: The 1920's and 1930's - Sleepless NightMichael Tilson Thomas,
George Gershwin

Show # 49
Jul 27 03

Topics Ghost in the Shell /
Music Ghost in the Shell - Making of a Cyborg [Chant I]
- Virtual Crimes
- Nighstalker
- Ghost City [Chant II]
Kenji Kawai
 Out Run - Last Wave [High Score Music]Hiroshi Miyauchi
 Scroll MachineJori Olkkonen
 Flowerguy's Pool PartyVirt
 Hold That Thought

Show # 48
Jul 13 03

Topics Martin & Special Guest (drittmaligst) Peter present:
"An Evening with Stevie Ray Vaughan"
Music Couldn't Stand the Weather - SRV Speaks
- Hide Away
- The Things That I Used to Do
- Couldn't Stand the Weather
Stevie Ray Vaughan
 In the Beginning - Tin Pan Alley (Aka Roughest Place In Town)Stevie Ray Vaughan
 Couldn't Stand the Weather - Cold Shot
- Stang's Swang
- Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
Stevie Ray Vaughan

Show # 47
Jun 15 03

Topics FAVORITE STREAMS - Martinland tut seine Lieblingsströme kund
Music Acid Jazz
 Radio Exploitika
 Soundtrack CinemaFord A. Thaxton

Show # 46
Jun 01 03

Topics BR SME [Blade Runner Special Martinland Edition]
Music "Deck Art" - Track 01-24Vangelis, Williams, Laughton, Randles

Show # 45
May 18 03

Topics Yes! (3)
Text FAQHenry Potts
Music Talk - Where Will You BeYes
 Talk - Endless DreamYes
 Open Your Eyes - FortunesellerYes
 The Ladder - It Will Be A Good DayYes
 The Ladder - Face To FaceYes

Show # 44
May 04 03

Topics Yes! (2)
Text FAQHenry Potts
Music 90125 - ChangesYes
 90125 - It Can HappenYes
 90125 - Owner Of A Lonely HeartYes
 Big Generator - Final EyesYes
 Big Generator - Big GeneratorYes
 Union - Miracle of LifeYes
 Union - Take The Water To The MountainYes

Show # 43
Apr 20 03

Topics Yes! (1)
Text FAQHenry Potts
Music 90125 - HeartsYes
 Going For The One - AwakenYes
 Going For the One - Turn Of The CenturyYes
 Drama - Into The LensYes

Show # 42
Apr 06 03

Topics Space!
Text The Planets Booklet:
Holst composes "The Planets"
Michael Steinberg,
Übersetzung: Reinhard Lüthje
Music The Planets - SaturnBoston Symphony, William Steinberg /
Gustav Holst
 2001 - Gayane Ballet AdagioLeningrad Philharmonic, Rozhdestvensky /
 Eine kleine Nachtmusik - RomanzeWiener Kammerphilharmonie, Traunfellner /
 Albedo 0.39 - AlphaVangelis
 The Fantasy Film World of B. Herrmann
- Suite of "The Day The Earth Stood Still"
National Philharmonic, Bernard Herrmann
 The Planets - MercuryBoston Symphony, William Steinberg /
Gustav Holst

Show # 41
Mar 23 03

Topics Michael Nyman in Concert
Music The Draughtsman's Contract
- Chasing Sheep Is Best Left To Shepherds
- Bravura In The Face Of Grief
- An Eye For Optical Theory
- Queen Of The Night
- A Watery Death
- The Disposition Of The Linen
- Chasing Sheep Is Best Left To Shepherds
Michael Nyman & M.N. Band

Show # 40
Mar 09 03

Topics Sunny Songs for Dark Tales
Music Dr. Strangelove - We'll Meet Again?
 Blue Velvet - Love LettersKetty Lester / Victor Young
 Reservoir Dogs - Stuck in the Middle With YouStealer's Wheel /
Gerry Rafferty & Joe Egan
 U-Turn - It's a Good DayPeggy Lee
 Brazil - Bachianos Brazil SambaHarry Barrosso /
Michael Kamen
 Blade Runner - One More Kiss, DearSkelling / Vangelis
 Dark Star - Benson ArizonaJohn Carpenter
 Life of Brian - Always Look On the Bright Side of LifeMonty Python
 The Third Man - Main TitleAnton Karas

Show # 39
Jan 26 03

Topics --== Die "Qatsi"-Trilogie ==--
[eine zweistündige Ausgabe in Kooperation mit dem 'Audiotop']
Text, Interview & Film Koyaanisqatsi ReviewLeonard Maltin
 Koyaanisqatsi ReviewRoger Ebert
 Video InterviewGodfrey Reggio,
Philip Glass
 Koyaanisqatsi Trailer
Music Koyaanisqatsi - Koyaanisqatsi
- Organic
- Vessels
- Prophecies
Philip Glass
 Powaqqatsi - Anthem Part 1Philip Glass
 Naqoyqatsi - Massman
- Point Blank
Philip Glass

Show # 38
Jan 12 03

Topics Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!
Music Die Hard - Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!Vaughn Monroe
 This Is A Recording - New SnowFlim and the BBs
 The Empire Strikes Back - The Battle in the SnowJohn Williams / LSO
 Antarctica - ThemeVangelis
 Still - Leise rieselt der SchneeOtto Lechner & Co
 Antarctica - DeliveranceVangelis
 Die Hard - Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!Vaughn Monroe

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