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Martinland - Radio Show Archive - 2005

Show #103
Dec 25 05

Topics Da Capo: Intermission! [Die wundersame Welt des filmmusikalischen
Zwischenspiels im großen Stil von 1936 bis 1996] (Martinland #89)

Show #102
Dec 11 05

Topics Il meglio della musica New Age - Ennio Morricone
[seltenes und experimentelles auf einer seltsamen scheibe vereint]
Text Excerpts Klassik Heute - Januar 1999"Spiel mir das Lied vom Film"
Interview zum 70. Geburtstag
von Ennio Morricone,
Matthias Keller
  Filmmagazin Ray 12/05"Sounds: Crime and Dissonance",
Wilhelm Klösch
Music Il meglio della musica New Age: Ennio Morricone
- Secret Of The Sahara
- Ombre e luci sull'Aracoeli
- Il passeggio a Via del Corso
- Chiaro di sole sulla cupola
di S. Pietro
- Le cascatelle del Treia
- Gocce nella caverna di Frasassi
Ennio Morricone

Show #101
Nov 27 05

Topics Partituren zu Animationsfilmen (Martinland #87 REDUX)

Show #100
Oct 30 05

Topics "C64 never stops!" Part II
Music Indy Fanfare 1, 2, 3John Williams
 JK (demo version)Dane
 Bubble BobblePeter Clarke
 Bandle Bobble [Bubble Bobble Remix]Hampshire Regional High School Orchestra
 CantaloupeHein Holt
 Ghosts'n GoblinsMark Cooksey
 Ghosts'n Goblins RevisedLMan and Larsec
 End of AgonyDRAX
 Last Ninja 3 [Remix]Cirdan
 Crackers Demo 4Luca Carrafiello

Show # 99
Oct 16 05

Topics load"$",8 list "C64 never stops!" ready.
(Hörenswerte Neuzugänge aus der Klangwelt des Commodore 64)
Music Space Invaders DX - Attack Wave #1
 The Recovery [Remix]Glyn R. Brown
 The RecoveryLars Hoff
 I'll Be A Pimp In Cabrini GreenRandall
 Bad Scene Poetry4-Mat
 HeartlandKeith Tinman
 Heartland [Remix]Chronblom
 Crazy JazzCarlos
 1942Mark Cooksey
 1942 [Remix]Miguel F. Ettema
 Deliverance (Gem X) [Remix]Markus Schneider

Show # 98
Oct 02 05

Topics Morricone 2005
-= his latest scores =-
Music Il Cuore Nel Pozzo - Il Cuore Nel Pozzo
- Lei Con Lui
Ennio Morricone
 Cefalonia - Dammi La ManoEnnio Morricone
 Karol - Karol E L'Amore
- Contro
- Karol E La Sofferenza
Ennio Morricone
 Fateless - Voiceless
- About Solitude II
Ennio Morricone
 Cefalonia - Sulla Sponda
- Ancora Vivi Per L'Amore
Ennio Morricone

Show # 97
Sep 18 05

Topics Jan Lund Thomsen's
"C64 Take-away"
(Commodore 64 remixes and original SID sounds)
Episodes 7 & 6
Music Ocean Loader V2Instant Remedy / Martin Galway
 ParallaxNo Other Medicine / Martin Galway
 Parallax UnpluggedTokafondo / Martin Galway
 Parallax VisionsOrpheus / Martin Galway
 Parallax for PianoLinus Akesson / Martin Galway
 SwingVincenzo / ?
 Wizball High ScoreMark Gornall / Martin Galway
 Monty High ScorePhil Bak / Rob Hubbard
 VertigoTHC Flatline / ?
 Artura (Dublin Delight Mix)Makke / ?

Show # 96
Sep 04 05

Topics "Ravenous"
Music Ravenous - Hail Columbia
- Boyd's Journey
- Welcome to Fort Spencer
- Stranger at the Window
- Colquhoun's Story
- Weendigo Myth
- Trek to the Cave
- "Run"
- "Let's Go Kill That Bastard"
- "The Pit"
- Cannibal Fantasy
- A Game of Two Shoulders
- Checkmate
- Ives Torments Boyd and Kills Knox
- Saveoursoulissa
- Boyd's Beauty pt.A
- The Pit
Damon Albarn,
Michael Nyman

Show # 95
Aug 21 05

Topics "Welcome Back Home"
Music Diamond Head - Hawaiian Welcome"Johnny" Williams
 Ravenous - Welcome to Fort SpencerDamon Albarn,
Michael Nyman
 The Egyptian - The HomecomingBernard Herrmann,
Alfred Newman
 New York Voices - Come HomeNew York Voices
 As We Speak - Back AgainDavid Sanborn
 Rambo First Blood Part II - Home FlightJerry Goldsmith
 The Nat King Cole Story - Walkin' My Baby Back HomeTurk/Ahlert,
Nat King Cole
 The Abyss - Back on the AirAlan Silvestri
 Nikita - Let's Welcome VictorEric Serra
 The Witches of Eastwick - The Ride HomeJohn Williams
 Empire of the Sun - Toy Planes, Home and HearthJohn Williams

Show # 94
Jul 24 05

Topics "BYE-BYE"
Music Voyeur - Let's Just Say GoodbyeDavid Sanborn
 Close Up - GoodbyeDavid Sanborn
 The Commitments - Bye Bye BabyMary Wells, The Commitments
 If This Bass Could Only Talk - Goodbye Pork Pie HatStanley Clarke
 Hearsay - The Long GoodbyeDavid Sanborn
 The Beatles from Bach to Bartok - Hello GoodbyeFrançois Glorieux
 E.T. - Escape / Chase / Saying GoodbyeJohn Williams

Show # 93
Jul 10 05

Topics load"$",8 list "Aktuelles aus der Klangwelt des Commodore 64" ready.
Music BitharmonizerLordnikon
 Madama MoustacheDRAX
 A Trace of SpaceLaxity
 EmboldGlenn Rune Gallefoss
 Break Dancing with a Grumpy FaceHein Holt
 Synth X ErrorHein Holt
 Puzzle BobbleOedipus
 Open GrooveOrcan

Show # 92
Jun 12 05

Topics Jerry's Recall (Gratuitous Goldsmith)
Lustvolles Wühlen in JGs filmmusikalischem Oeuvre
Text Excerpts Film Music Journal Nr. 19"Happy Birthday, Jerry Goldsmith"
- Teil 2, Philippe Blumenthal
Music Inner Space - Let's Get SmallJerry Goldsmith
 Islands in the Stream - MarlinJerry Goldsmith
 Russia House - The Family ArrivesJerry Goldsmith
 King Solomon's Mines - Forced Flight
- No Diamonds
Jerry Goldsmith

Show # 91
May 29 05

Topics Filmmusik im Festspielhaus St. Pölten
Text Excerpts Programmheft "Hollywood in Music"Festspielhaus St. Pölten
 Film Music Journal Nr. 33/34Elmer Bernstein on
'The Magnificent Seven'
Music The Sea Hawk - Main Title
- Dona Maria and Captain Thorpe
- Jungle March and Battle
- Fanfare and Finale
Erich Wolfgang Korngold
 The Star Wars Trilogy - The Asteroid FieldJohn Williams
 Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo - L'Estasi Dell'OroEnnio Morricone
 B. Herrmann * The Film Scores - Vertigo: I. Prelude
- Vertigo: II. The Nightmare
Vertigo: III. Scène d'amour
Bernard Herrmann

Show # 90
May 01 05

Topics load"$",8 list "8-bit high score tunes" ready.
Interview Excerpts High Voltage Sid Collection
 Commodore Zone Interview withRob Hubbard
 The Complete Works ofRob Hubbard
 Zzap!64 Interview withMartin Galway
 Commodore Zone Interview withMartin Galway
Music Arkanoid - Hiscore Martin Galway
 Commando - Hiscore Rob Hubbard
 Crazy Comets - Hiscore Rob Hubbard
 DNA Warrior - HiscoreThomas Petersen, K. Christensen
 Ghosts'n Goblins - HiscoreMark Cooksey
 Monty on the Run - HiscoreRob Hubbard
 Rambo: First Blood Part II - Hiscore Martin Galway
 R-type - HiscoreChris Hülsbeck, Ramiro Vaca
 Space Harrier - HiscoreMark Cooksey
 Wizball - HiscoreMartin Galway

Show # 89
Apr 17 05

Topics Intermission! [Die wundersame Welt des filmmusikalischen
Zwischenspiels im großen Stil von 1936 bis 1996]
Music Gone With the Wind - I'll never be hungry again!Max Steiner
 Ben Hur - Entr'acteMiklós Rózsa
 Spartacus - Intermission MusicAlex North
 Cleopatra - Entr'acteAlex North
 Patton - Intermission MusicJerry Goldsmith
 Tora! Tora! Tora! - Entr'acteJerry Goldsmith
 The Blue Max - Prelude to Part 2Jerry Goldsmith
 Hamlet - "My thoughts be bloody"
- "Goodnight, sweet prince"
- "Go bid the soldiers shoot"
Patrick Doyle

Show # 88
Apr 03 05

Topics Animationsfilm-Musik II
Music Alpine Aspects - Looney TuneWolfgang Puschnig
 Wallace & Gromit: 'A Grand Day Out' - End TitlesJulian Nott
 Chicken Run - Title SequenceJohn Powell,
Harry Gregson Williams
 Luxo Junior???
 La Linea - Episode 1Franco Godi
 Amazing Stories - Family DogDanny Elfman
 A Nightmare Before Christmas SuiteDanny Elfman
 Ghost in the Shell - Nightstalker
- Virtual Crimes
- Making of a Cyborg
Kenji Kawai
 The Neverhood - Klaymen Shuffle
- Olley Oxen Free
- Rock'n Roll Dixie
Terry Taylor

Show # 87
Mar 20 05

Topics Partituren zu Animationsfilmen
(triggered by Diagonale 05)
Music Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - Maroon Cartoon LogoAlan Silvestri
 'Speedy Gonzales'Carl Stalling
 The Secret of N.I.M.H. - No ThanksJerry Goldsmith
 Tron - Water Music and TRONaction
- Ending Titles
Wendy Carlos
 Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - Maroon Cartoon Logo
- Judge Doom
Alan Silvestri
 Mulan - Suite from MulanJerry Goldsmith
 Looney Tunes, Back in Action - Area 52Jerry Goldsmith
 Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - End TitleAlan Silvestri

Show # 86
Mar 06 05

Topics Special Guest Peter präsentiert: Singer Songwriter Carly Simon
Music Anticipation
You're So Vain
Nobody Does It Better
Coming Around Again
That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be
I've Got To Have You
Touched By The Sun
Carly Simon

Show # 85
Feb 20 05

Topics Re-enactment of Show #33 "Road Movies" (first aired on Nov 3rd 2002)

Show # 84
Feb 06 05

Topics load"$",8 list "Neues aus der Klangwelt des Commodore 64" ready.
Music FreestylerAgemixer
 G FunkHultink
 Solomatic FlyOrcan
 Huffa MegGlenn Rune Gallefoss
 Ode to OddDRAX
 Swam PooDRAX
 Alternative FuelDRAX
 Ghouls'n GhostsTim Follin

Show # 83
Jan 23 05

Topics "Counting..."
Music Islands in the Stream - Is Ten Too Old?Jerry Goldsmith
 The Ladder - Nine VoicesYes
 Pink Inc. - Sexy EightAlex Deutsch, George Garzone,
Jamaaladeen Tacuma
 Goldberg Variations [1955 & 1981 Version] - Var. 7Glenn Gould
 Blade Runner - On the Trail of Nexus 6Vangelis
 The Further Adventures of Flim & the BB's
- Five on the Floor
Flim & the BB's
 Veritable 4Sanke Michael Choe
 Henry V - The Three TraitorsPatrick Doyle
 Nuovo Cinema Paradiso - Projection for TwoEnnio Morricone
 When in Rome - Yodel 1Penguin Café Orchestra

Show # 82
Jan 09 05

Topics "Ausgabennummermystik #4"
Music Górecki Symphonie Nr. 3 - 2. Lento e largo.Henryk Mikolaj Górecki
 OVO - Make TomorrowPeter Gabriel
 By Request - Excerpts from
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
John Williams
 Symphony No. 2 - 4. Finale. Moderato assaiPeter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

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