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For a few titles more...
Reaktionen im Radio    For a Few Titles More!    Reaktionen im Netz #1
   Reaktionen im Netz #2
   Reaktionen im Netz #3
   Reaktionen im Netz #4
   Reaktionen im Netz #5 above!

By the time my working colleague André Litschke had been infected by the admittedly strong virus of Spaghetti Westerns I became aware of the german titles these films had been given for the audiences here in Austria (and of course Germany and Switzerland).
They are so colorful and quite often wander off into the absurd and religious that you cannot help laughing. One day while driving to work together the idea was born: Let's take the original titles and use their vocabulary and structure of sentences to create new ones. These new "mutated" titles would be faithful to the Spaghettis by definition.

And so the IWTG came into being...

On the right you can see the 345 original german titles that are listed as Spaghettis in Lexikon des Internationalen Films 1999/2000.

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