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CV [very compact]

martin "martinland" schemitsch
walking the earthsince 197?
held captive by various educational systems1976-1997
creating musically (violin, guitar, keys, vocals, computer, Theremin)since 1978
creating graphically (cartoons, comics, flip books, covers, web, etc.)since 1984
coding (pascal, fortran, c[++], java[script], asp, php, assembly, etc.)since 1985
[3d/character] animation (illusion of life, symbiotic picture & sound)since 1993
[interactive] new media (featuring almost all of the above)since 1997

Curriculum Vitae - The Whole Story [almost]

Martin "Martinland" Schemitsch
* June 7, 1970
Graz, Austria

  • after 3 years made it to Forever; came in 2nd w/ "Robotnik"

  • afterwards on to Milan and Turin via Grado and Udine
  • more adventures at Exac, Function, BIT Live Bergen,
    and with "The Planets" at Royal Albert Hall London
  • inaugural scene journeys to Gotland and Hungary
    to celebrate both the 50th and 40th anniversary
    of Martinland as well as the Commodore 64

  • finally finished preserving visual memory




  • sabbatical and synthesizer archaeology…
  • internally now "Phoenixland"; just don't ask…

  • loose ends (and archival stuff) all being tied up…
    (which, all things considered, took me half a year…)



  • at last, finishing touches on two long-standing projects of mine:
    underwater short film with Theremin score / Theremin solo-cd
  • steady work on new character animation short:
    storyboard, story reel, and models for starters
  • lots and lots of projects at Radio Helsinki
  • animated logo for acousmonumental videos
  • Commodore 64 demo "CTG" finally released

  • C-64 demo for Commodore Meeting nearly finished
  • more 3d modeling and graphics for informational brochures
  • in addition to "Lo*bert": more drawings for Lotek64 (since 2010 actually)
  • three very satisfying Theremin performances (1x modern electronic, 2x retro chip music) came to pass, many workshops at Radio Helsinki as well
  • 3d-animated web experience ACOUSMONUMENTS launched!
  • picked up pixeling and coding in assembler on the C-64 too (see 2011 below), resulting in first demo parts shown at Commodore Meeting

  • intersphere officially selected by ASIFA Austria for screening during
    International Animation Day
    - Best Austrian Animation 2011
  • more 3d modeling for informational brochure [v5, continued from 2007]
  • nice double feature as part of a federal state exhibition in Upper Austria:
    live Theremin performance and open air screening of Intiñahui!
  • Theremin soundtrack and animation short intersphere finally completed
  • hard at work producing large format prints of selected "Inti" stills
  • picked up composing for the Commodore 64 again, this time using Sid Duzz' It, resulting in a first experimental 8-bit collaboration track
  • short story, first one since about two decades, public reading of same


  • finally we celebrated both movie theater premiere and DVD presentation of our 3d-animated film "Intiñahui - In the Eye of the Sun"!
  • commissioned 3d-animated demo loop, complete with contemplative and idealized (kitschy? ;-) ocean, animated labels on surface, and catamaran
  • after attending the international film music festival in Úbeda I came back full of joy & inspiration! (and w/ sheet music for orchestra & Theremin ;-)
  • a couple of Theremin gigs came to pass this year, among them a live performance to an animation short and some joyful improvisations as well as a slight detour to and performance in Grado, Italy…
  • "Intiñahui" received Grand Remi Award at WorldFest Houston! 8^D
  • creation of seamlessly animated website (multiple animated flash elements communicating w/ each other, a floaty style w/ special effects working on several - even legacy - browsers, weeks of designing, animating, programming, content import, proof-reading, and testing went into this): Schloss-Schule - there's a nifty little animated, completely user-adjustable, floating list in there too…
  • hand-drawn interpretations of "old hardware" for retro magazine
  • "Intiñahui" finally received a proper teaser trailer by me! (#2b actually,
    trailer #1 featuring the animated DVD menus was created mid-2008)
  • "18 Months Later" screened at ASIFA Austria

  • "Intiñahui" screened at International Film Festival of India
  • pure character animation for stereoscopic image trailer "Media Bot"
  • one rather nice Theremin gig this year…
  • the first couple of months in 2008 are entirely devoted to all those 3d-animated DVD menus for "Intiñahui" (produced in three languages, no less, they take up half the space available on the DVD!)

  • 3d models and graphics for informational brochure
  • final animation master of "Intiñahui" is almost done,
    on to the animated DVD menus now…
  • "flip book" workshop
  • starting from here, i managed to create this pre-viz animation
  • rotoscope animation for image trailer
  • "Lo*bert" for Lotek64 still up and running after all these years…
  • presentation of (flip book-)animated, personal Martinland calendar
  • video game animations
  • first half of 2007 strong with Theremin performances again…
  • 2007 marks the first year of Martinlandtm entirely on its own!




  • "18 Months Later" part of official selection at festival e-phos, Athens
  • animation shorts part of comic festival, Graz
  • 24-hour comic at comic festival, Graz
  • Martinland's animation shorts screened at W.I.R. Open Air Cinema, Graz
  • various musical performances (violin, keys, vocals)
  • 3d animation & modeling for media-art project "Intiñahui"
  • 3d characters for various clients
  • first flip book "ausLage" published by KiG!
  • mini comic series published by tontoMiNiMAL
  • second animation short (a prequel) "life on the edge"
  • creation of Martinland's cartoon vault

  • electronic compositions

  • compilation of interdisciplinary work
    created for  v i s - group, Graz


  • violin performances
  • [3d-]design for audio cd covers and concert posters

  • stint in video game industry as computer
    animator, graphics designer, and coder, Graz/Las Vegas

  • creation of "Martinland"

  • coding and 3d design for tank simulation

  • part-time software developer at Montan University, Leoben

  • vocal performances


  • creation of animated sequence for Michael Haneke's feature film "71 Fragments…" (i guess this started it all for me as far as animation is concerned ;-)
    [late addition: finally, the DVD (with my contribution to the film based on this script page featuring in the animated main menu, no less!) became available here].

  • 8-bit computer game musix (sequenced w/ good ole Commodore 64)

  • choir recording sessions as vocal performer of contemporary music

  • cartoons and drawings for student publications & private clients

  • performances w/ violin, guitar and keys

  • layout and cartoons for highschool periodicals
1999-professional interdisciplinary operator/animator/developer
using Mayatm animation software
1997-96diploma thesis in technical mathematics
1996-95academical emphasis on world wide web
1992literature on special effects and computer graphics suggested by north american fx-companies, self-taught
1991academic emphasis on computer graphics
1988highschool graduation, in psychology and informatics
1988-87attending symphony orchestra courses
1990-86ongoing violin studies w/ private teacher
1982-piano, self-taught
1985-78violin education
19??-7?self-taught drawing of cartoons, comic strips, flip books, you name it…
german, english, french (pas de pratique, malheureusement), italian


character animation, illusion of life, traditional 2d animation, 3d short films especially Pixar's, Aardman, Industrial Light & Magic's golden "analogue" years - this blurs right into my favourite video game genre: adventure games! i like them all, you name it: the classic LucasArts 256-colour, animated graphic adventures as well as Cyan's Myst series, Syberia series, the whacky Toonstruck, right now it's Vampyre Story, and many, many more…
i'd say there's a fondness for special gaming concepts here in Martinland; never looked into consoles so far, but interesting console games keep piling up: "Rez", "Vib Ribbon", "Killer7", "Shadow of the Colossus", meaning sooner or later I'll buy (or emulate) one… ;)
film films blurring dreams/phantasy and reality like the marvelous "A Scanner Darkly", "Stay", "Identity", "The Machinist", "Donnie Darko", or - my favourite - "Brazil"; then there are those strange ones: "Barbarella", "Attack of the 50 Feet Woman", "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes", "The Host" (a modern monster movie, made in Korea!)
i adore the wondrous animated worlds of Hayao Miyazaki and i'm also into quiet, intelligent fare like "Before Sunrise", "Before Sunset"; furthermore frame editing animation, the ever-fascinating relationship between film and music, frame composition (especially w/ -now- Panavision or -then- CinemaScope photography), "industrial" special effects (meaning optics & models), Harrison Ford [his classic Indiana Jones/Rick Deckard/Han Solo period], Kubrick, old Spielberg movies, David Lynch, the classic Hitchcock-Herrmann vehicles, ILM (again), special screenings [in film museums, e.g. european premiere of re-printed "2001: A Space Odyssey" projected onto the glorious Cinerama screen in Bradford, or watching "Blade Runner Final Cut" together with 734 other cinephiles in the largest movie theatre in Vienna]
graphics electronic manipulation, creation of cartoons/comic strips/flip books/characters, layout, design, Giger, Franquin, hmmmm - and two virtually extinct arts: hand painted film posters (e.g. by Drew) and analogue matte paintings! (and those hand-drawn, pixelated background graphics in old adventure games of course!)
"HAL" the electronic machine, the computer: the ultimate interdisciplinary artistic tool (for me it still is something special, despite its mainstream acceptance nowadays, since i grew up seeing the advent of the whole thing ;-D)
informatics   endless possibilities [as creator as well as spectator] in the digital realm involving interactive installations in the broadest sense and artistically created games, Ars Electronica Festival, the (retro) demo scene, etc., etc.! simply put: food for thought and inspiration
cuisine [quickly] arranging/inventing never-before-seen and never-to-be-eat*er*never-to-be-duplicated meals (mostly italian style cuisine)…
literature typing text fragments and calling them 'short stories', writing about writing, reading fascinating stuff about the disciplines i'm working in [big volumes on animation, film composing, etc.], reading the last books by Stanislaw Lem (whom we paid a posthumous visit in Kraków, 2006) that are missing in my extensive collection… …hosting a radio show on literature [that's history right now] and writing for a magazine…
music first and foremost: performing/improvising/composing - nowadays mainly on the mesmerizing Theremin as well as w/ keys and vocals, classic symphonic scores for motion pictures [John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Ennio Morricone, Michael Kamen, Bernard Herrmann, Michael Nyman, Philip Glass, Erich Wolfgang Korngold - see also Martinland's library of film music literature], in consequence: attending (and - on a much smaller scale - performing) film music concerts, jazzy stuff [Mike Stern, David Sanborn, Dirty Dozen Brass Band], classical [Gustav Mahler's slow movements, Holst, Tchaikovsky], electronics [Wendy Carlos, Tomita, Vangelis], retro electronic music [Commodore 64 SID-Chip music!], various popular artists [Peter Gabriel, Yes, Lewis Taylor - who is a very special find indeed…]
sports biking, inline skating, skating, skiing [formerly abandoned by me due to years and years of poor snow conditions and overly crowded alpine regions, now re-discovered again on small but beautifully lonely slopes], swimming [should be history by now, but has been revived thanks to our daughter ;-)], tennis [ancient history], carambol [fondly remembered history]
it's the last line!